Toilette monobloc

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Toilette monobloc
►Curve upgrade: 
The curvature of the pipeline designed by Monarch Digital Development System meets the requirements of automobiles, high-speed rail, and space shuttles (surface curvature G3), which can reduce the resistance of water flow and make drainage more smooth.
►Microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze:
The whole pipeline is glazed with high-temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze with a thickness of 0.6mm, which is the highest level in the industry, anti-fouling and easier to clean. The thickness of most other manufacturers is only 0.4mm.
►Design upgrade of sewage inlet: 
The diameter of the spoon is up to 60mm, which reduces the resistance of water. At the same time, the pipeline is designed to exceed the national standard of 48mm, which is 5mm higher than the national standard of 41mm. This can increase the siphon effect and clean the sewage discharge.
►Double impulse force of flush and suction double engine:
Adopting the dual-flow design of spraying and scrubbing, the flush and suction function at the same time, double impulse force, more water-saving.
►High pressure grouting technology (ceramic embryo body):
The industry is the first to adopt high-pressure grouting technology, the density of the embryo body is high, and the highest water absorption rate is only 0.3%, which is far higher than the national standard of 0.5%. The water absorption rate of 0.3% enables our ceramic bodies to reach the true porcelain level. which makes Monarch toilets not stink for life.

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